Capacity Building Grants available for park and trail groups

Parks & Trails New York is offering a new round of Capacity Building Grants for park and trail groups in New York State. The grants, of up to $3,000, will enable not-for-profits to better fulfill their missions; improve their reach, effectiveness, and impact; leverage more resources; and increase community support for and involvement in park and trail planning, development, and stewardship. Funds can be used to assist with activities associated with organizational start-up and development, training, communications, and volunteer recruitment and management. The deadline for submitting applications is November 22, 2010
Seventeen not-for-profits have already been awarded grants that have helped them expand their fundraising and membership campaigns, enhance their public programming, redesign or create new websites, and develop marketing materials. As a result, these groups have been able to increase their visibility and add to the number of members and volunteers that support them in their work. In the photo, Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail, Inc. shows off the standing banner they purchased with grant funds to aid in publicizing the winner of their summer “Visit a Rail Trail” contest.
For more information email Parks & Trails New York or call 518-434-1583.

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