Who’s on the Canalway Trail? Annual Count estimates almost 240,000 visitors to Camillus section of trail

Volunteers were stationed along the Canalway Trail in Onondaga and Cayuga County during July and August taking note of the number of persons walking, bicycling, jogging or pushing strollers as part of the 2010 annual Canalway Trail Count.  The data obtained has allowed PTNY to use the trail traffic calculation formulas developed by the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project, to produced estimates of annual trail traffic volume for each count location.

Counts for 2010 resulted in the highest and the lowest annual trail traffic volume estimates ever found since trail traffic estimates were initiated in 2007: 237,834 annual visitors at the popular, newly-restored Nine Mile Creek Aqueduct in Camillus and 19,453 persons at Cayuga County’s Centerport Aqueduct, an unconnected two-mile trail segment west of Weedsport.  An unexpected result was that walkers outnumbered bicyclists at all six count locations.  In every other count conducted since 2005, bicyclists have always been in the majority.  Read the full report.

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