Contact the Governor today to keep all parks open

Governor Cuomo will deliver his first Executive Budget February 1.  As he puts together his budget, please contact the Governor to let him know that parks are important to you and your community.  It  is critical that he hear from you and the millions of other park lovers across New York.

The state parks budget is less than 1/5 of one percent of the entire state budget. And for that modest sum of money we get the majesty of Niagara Falls, the seascape at Montauk, the rich history of Saratoga, and the pleasures of our favorite go-to park.

The State Parks budget has been cut 18 percent over the last three years – more than most other agencies. The agency is stretched as thin as it can be. Some parks are already closing because of lack of staff and resources.  Any further budget reductions will result in more park and historic site closures and will do little to improve the state’s fiscal situation.

Please contact the Governor today and tell him that parks provide affordable and close-to-home places to recreate for New Yorkers in tough times. Plus they draw visitors from all over the country and the world who spend money and help New York’s economy.  Urge the Governor to provide the state parks agency with the resources it needs to KEEP ALL PARKS OPEN.

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  1. Marcia Lichtman says:

    Unfortunately, the “contact the Governor” link in the post goes to a definition of types of blogs???

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