Funding for bicycle-pedestrian projects at risk

All bets are off when it comes to the federal funding programs that have had such a dramatic impact on bicycling, walking, and trail development in the last 20 years.  The new, more conservative Congress is poised to draft the next Surface Transportation authorizing bill and already there are signs that programs like Transportation Enhancements, the Recreational Trails Program, and Safe Routes to School are in jeopardy.  We need to be proactive.  It is imperative that you let your Senators and Congressional representative know today how these programs have benefited tourism, alternative transportation, economic and personal health, and quality of life in your community.  They must hear that their constituents value bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and want programs that support its development to continue.

Contact your House Representative and Senators TODAY.

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1 Response to Funding for bicycle-pedestrian projects at risk

  1. mcoville says:

    I would suggest that any call for funding is accompanied for ideas of where that money comes from. Do not leave the decision of where to get funding to politicians, we need to tell them how to fund any project we are asking for there support on.

    If you want funding for recreational trails or safe routes for schools, you must tell your rep where to get that money from. This will help give your request credibility.

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