Winter Walk first step in Erie-Cattaraugus Rail Trail development

Frigid temperatures and blowing snow did not deter more than 100 area residents from turning out for the first trail event for the Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail (ECRT) south of Buffalo. Sponsored by the Village of Springville and the Springville Area Chamber of Commerce and organized and supported by the Village’s Trail Steering Committee and Erie Cattaraugus Rail-Trail, Inc the Winter Walk was made possible by a one-day right of entry granted by the corridor’s owner, the Buffalo &Pittsburgh Railroad. The Village of Springville is negotiating a license agreement with the railroad to manage the right-of-way within the Village and begin the planning process to convert it to a section of the Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail, to be known as the Pop Warner Trail.

Mayor Bill Krebs said, “This Winter Walk demonstrated the feasibility and the importance of transforming the abandoned corridor into useable green space in our Village. The trail will improve the quality of life in Springville, and provide for economic development, and public safety.”

PTNY has been assisting ECRT with its efforts to preserve and convert the 27-mile rail corridor to a multi-use trail through its Healthy Trails, Healthy People program.

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