Controversy spurs improvements at Niagara Falls State Park

After a New York Times travel article called Niagara Falls State Park “shabby” and “underfinanced” and a subsequent Buffalo News editorial deemed the situation a “galling state of affairs,” the State Parks agency responded by outlining a three-part improvement plan for the park.

According to State Parks Commissioner Rose Harvey, “The facilities at Niagara Falls State Park need to match the expectations of the 8 million visitors coming from around the globe each year to see the iconic falls. State Parks staff takes great pride in the park and we will dedicate ourselves to improving and enhancing the facilities that complement the falls.”

The improvement plan includes immediate steps to correct wear-and-tear issues that arise from heavy usage, as well as long-term steps to prioritize the 126-year-old park’s capital needs.

Niagara Falls is the oldest state park in the nation and the most-visited in the NYS park system. A 2008 study by Parks & Trails New York estimates the economic impact of parks in the Niagara region is immense—creating 4,701 jobs and spurring $569 million of economic output.

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