Green Lakes State Parks—for the birds

One thousand acres of Green Lakes State Park east of Syracuse have been designated as a Bird Conservation Area (BCA), designed to protect birds and enhance bird habitats.

A significant portion of the new BCA, which encompasses about half of the park. will be maintained as grassland for regionally declining birds such as the Grasshopper Sparrow and the threatened Northern Harrier (Marsh Hawk). The forest portion of the BCA is mostly within the watershed of Round Lake and is important breeding habitat for birds of mature forest such as the Ovenbird and Wood Thrush.

According to park officials, the public will be only minimally affected by the BCA as the conservation area is on the west side of the park, while the heavily used swimming beach, golf course, and campgrounds are on the park’s east side.

With the addition of Green Lakes, NYS has 53 designated BCAs on public land.

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