Plans for Long Island Motor Parkway Trail a reality at last

It has taken many years and a considerable amount of advocacy on the part of Long Island historians and trail advocates, but at last Nassau County has released a plan to establish the Long Island Motor Parkway Trail as a series of hiking and biking routes closely tracing the route of the original Long Island Motor Parkway, created in 1906 by William K. Vanderbilt as a novel, landscaped, limited access roadway for driving and racing automobiles.

In addition to providing opportunities for close to home recreation for thousands of Nassau County residents, the trail will also serve as an important east-west alternative transportation link between communities and open space resources crossing the county from Queens to Suffolk.  In addition to the plan, the project also includes construction of 1.25 miles of trail as a demonstration project.

PTNY Director of Program and Policy Fran Gotcsik served as a member of the working group that helped developed the recently released trail plan, but PTNY has been advocating for this project for more than a decade.  In 2004, the trail was one of the first projects PTNY selected for assistance through its Healthy Trails, Healthy Program.  In 2006, PTNY was one of several groups that nominated the trail for Nassau County Environmental Bond Act funding, resulting in an award of $450,000 that funded the trail plan and trail demonstration project.

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