Bicyclists Bring Business workshop hosted in Little Falls

In late October, Parks & Trails NY and NYS Canal Corporation held the 10thBicyclists Bring Business roundtable in Little Falls.  More than fifty people attended representing interests from avid cyclists to local business owners, redevelopment advocates, and elected officials.  Regardless of their background, the attendees were eager to share and discover the best methods to encourage more cyclists to visit their communities.  While the eight-mile gap in the Canalway Trail to the west of Little Falls was noted as a deterrent to some cyclists, much of the discussion focused on how best to cater to the unique needs of cycling tourists while enhancing their visit.   Readily available information on lodging, rest facilities, and parking were among some of the factors noted as being essential.

Information concerning local efforts to bridge the Little Falls trail gap may be found on the Facebook page for the CNY Erie Canalway Trailblazers.

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