Breaking good news for parks!

Gov. Cuomo announced in his State of the State address improvements for 48 state parks and historic sites as part of a New York Works Fund and Task Force:

The NY Works Fund and Task Force

We have a great opportunity to rebuild New York. We need private sector jobs, and we also need to rebuild our infrastructure to keep New York competitive and safe.


  • 32 percent of the state’s bridges are rated deficient;
  • 40 percent of the state’s roads are rated fair or poor and getting worse; and
  • 83 percent of our state parks and DEC’s major dams are in disrepair.

We have much work to do. We cannot wait. And we need a new approach to get it done.

Today, I am announcing the New York Works Fund and Task Force to master plan, coordinate, leverage, and accelerate capital investment and put thousands of New Yorkers to work in every corner of the state. We will leverage state investment by a multiple of 20-to-1.

We will improve or replace more than 100 bridges. And we will finally build a new the Tappan Zee Bridge — because 15 years of planning is too long. We will repair 2,000 miles worth of roads – that’s like driving from Buffalo to New York City five times! We will build new roads, bridges, and other critical transportation projects across the state.

We will finance upgrades to 90 municipal water systems. We will improve 48 state parks and historic sites visited by over 37 million people each year.

And in the wake of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, we will repair 114 flood control projects and dams.

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