Federal LWCF Funding Update

As we reported last month, President Obama’s proposed FY 2013 budget shows his continued commitment to robust funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). The President is requesting $450 million for the LWCF, a 30 percent increase over FY 12 funding levels. This includes $60 million for the stateside program which funds matching grants to local governments for public outdoor recreation areas and facilities, including many local park and trail projects.

The House and Senate have not yet drafted their appropriations bills, but PTNY has been working with its partners in the LWCF Coalition to ensure that robust funding for LWCF is included in their respective budget proposals.

  • In the House, a “Dear Colleague” letter was completed, requesting $450 million and was signed by 152 Members of Congress, including 17 representatives from New York (Bishop, Israel, King, McCarthy, Ackerman, Nadler, Towns, Velazquez, Grimm, Maloney, Rangel, Engel, Hayworth, Tonko, Owens, Hanna, Slaughter).
  • In the Senate, the Transportation Bill was passed (and voted for by both Senators Schumer and Gilibrand) and included a reauthorization of LWCF and $700 M per year for the next two years! A “Dear Colleague” letter was also just completed that referenced the $450M level and the $700M level (with no specific request level) and was signed by 44 Senators, including both New York Senators.

What you can do: Thank Senators Gilibrand and Schumer for their continued support for funding for parks and trails. If your state representative is among the 17 listed above, thank them for showing their support by signing the “Dear Colleague” letter. Learn more about the LWCF.

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