Work on canal trail in Lyons set to begin in October

New section of the Erie Canalway Trail in Lyons will be constructed beginning this year as crews continue their work on the trail between Newark and Lyons.

Once completed, the new 1-mile trail segment between Abbey Park and Erie Canal Lock 27 will link to an Erie Canalway Trail segment currently under construction in the towns of Arcadia and Lyons, helping to create a 134-mile uninterrupted trail route from Lyons to Buffalo. Read more.

Interest in completing the Erie Canalway Trail among citizens, community leaders, and elected officials at all levels of local, state and federal government has grown dramatically. Parks & Trails New York’s “Close the Gaps” campaign aims to spur  completion of the Canalway Trail.

Goals for 2012

  • Continue to communicate to the public that “Closing the Gaps” will attract more tourists, grow local economies, and positively impact the health of the region’s residents.
  • Work with Senator Gillibrand’s office to ensure continued support for resolving issues associated with the five major trail gaps.
  • Meet with local and state legislators, Congressional representatives, and the regional economic development councils to emphasize that completion of the Canalway Trail is a priority project that will make a significant contribution to quality of life attributes needed to attract and retain jobs and improve the economy of more than 200 communities upstate.
  • Ensure that applications for transportation enhancements, municipal park, and Canal Greenway grant funding are submitted by coalitions of communities to build new trail segments in those places where funding is the only barrier to construction.
  • Supply support letters for funding applications that promote completion of gap segments.
  • Where gaps have other issues to be resolved in addition to funding, continue to foster communications and meetings between the appropriate parties to resolve these issues and remove barriers to trail development.
  • Advocate for the continuation of Transportation Enhancements in the next federal Transportation bill.

Read more about Close the Gaps Campaign here.

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3 Responses to Work on canal trail in Lyons set to begin in October

  1. Deborah A Reynolds says:

    where exactly is the trail going from lyons abbey park to the dry docks–how will it cross over the creek? and will it cross through the marina and along the canal? If it doesn’t cross the marina and comes across the bridge where will it cross back to the canal? Any sources for information?

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