Our awards deadline has passed, but there are more awards for park and trail champions

Applications are now being accepted for NYSDEC’s 10th anniversary New York Environmental Excellence Awards that recognize and give visibility to outstanding, innovative and sustainable projects or programs.

To apply, complete the 2013 Application Brochure (PDF) (509kB) using the “Tips for Applicants” (PDF) (326kB) document as a guide. Application deadline is Friday, May 10, 2013. Eligible applicants include businesses (including but not limited to small, medium and large businesses, manufacturing, power generation, retail, agri-business, hospitality, etc.), not-for-profit organizations, educational and health care institutions, government agencies (except DEC) and individuals implementing innovative, sustainable actions or working in creative partnership to improve and protect New York’s environmental resources and contribute to a viable economy.

Since the program began, 52 award-winning projects have helped improve New York’s environment by:

  • reducing more than 20,000 tons of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions;
  • eliminating more than 2 million pounds of hazardous waste;
  • saving at least 35 million kilowatt hours of electricity;
  • “greening” more than 10,000 farms;
  • reducing water consumption by more than 30 million gallons;
  • recycling more than 340 million pounds of solid waste;
  • diverting at least 7,100 tons of waste from landfills; and
  • preserving more than 150,000 acres of open space.

This year’s winners will be honored at an anniversary celebration and awards ceremony that will be held in late November or early December. Winners will be asked to present and display information about their award winning project or program at the ceremony. For additional information, contact the Division of Environmental Permits and Pollution Prevention at eeawards@gw.dec.state.ny.us or by calling (518) 402-9469.

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