All trails lead to…. Troy?

Residents of the Rensselaer county NY city of Troy are working to develop a sense of what trail connections exist within their city and hope to enhance those connections, pardon the pun, down the road. They’ve coined this network the “Ramble.”

“It hooks up all the places you’d like to go— the Hudson River, parks, the Farmer’s Market, the river, nature preserves, the river, neighboring bike paths… to nature, to people, events, places. It’s an alternate transportation route, so no motors, but walking, cycling, rollerblades, handstands, hopping, skipping and jumping are all great,” write the organizers.

Like many community trail projects from other areas on NY, the Ramble isn’t necessarily a a new idea, but the continuation of concepts developed well over a decade ago to develop and enhance the bike and pedestrian network of this dense, historic city. Today, reinvigorated by recent efforts of the Troy Bike Rescue to make the city safer for cyclists, and the ongoing dialogue with municipal leadership to  pass complete streets legislation, advocates, citizens, and community leaders are working to identify opportunities to connect the “Collar City” via a robust network of trails, on road routes, sidewalks, and walking paths.

You can read more about the Ramble efforts on their website “Let’s get ready to Ramble.”

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