Bioblitz at I Love My Park Day

In addition to dozens of stewardship events, this year’s I Love My Park Day will include a bioblitz. This is possible thanks to collaboration with the talented scientists at the DEC’s New York Natural Heritage Program.

A bioblitz is a limited period of biological surveying that helps scientists get a better idea of the number and types of species that live in a given location. By surveying an area intensively over a 24 hour period, we can estimate populations of plant and animal species in a given area.


Over 45 scientists have already offered their time and skills to help make the bioblitz a success. Teams will work out of Schodack Island State Park and Taconic State Park from 9am on May 4 to 9am on May 5. Scientists and volunteers will compile comprehensive lists of species from each site as well as focused lists of rare species and natural community.

At Taconic, the main focus of the bioblitz will include plants, natural communities, invertebrates, herbs, and birds. For Schodack Island, the main focus will be on plants, natural communities, invasive, and birds. The surveys will continue at night, with teams searching Schodack for owls, frogs, and moths and teams at Taconic looking for bats, moths, frogs, and owls.

Read more about the Schodack Island Bioblitz and the Taconic State Park Bioblitz, or, to volunteer for either bioblitz, register here!

I Love My Park Day is coordinated statewide by Parks & Trails New York in collaboration with the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

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