GreenLITES celebrates sustainable transportation design

PTNY was recently invited to attend NYSDOT’s fifth annual GreenLITES awards ceremony along with representatives from the New York Bicycling Coalition and Tri-state Transportation Campaign.  GreenLITES (Green Leadership In Transportation Environmental Sustainability) is a certification program, similar to LEED for buildings, that recognizes NYSDOT project designs and operations based on the extent to which they include sustainable transportation solutions. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has recognized NYSDOT’s GreenLITES as a case study and model sustainability program.

Project designs awarded the top-rated Evergreen designation included a number of elements that support bicycling and walking: “Complete Street” principles, wider bridges to better accommodate bicyclists, sidewalks, access paths to support recreational fishing, tree replacement up to three-to one, parallel off-road shared-use paths, and recreational trails.    Hopefully others will also be inspired to include these ideas in their transportation project plans.

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