Transportation Enhancement funding available

The New York State Department of Transportation has announced that applications are being accepted for funding of transportation projects through the Transportation Enhancement Program (TEP).

Municipalities and not-for-profit groups are eligible to apply for funding. Applications submitted by not-for-profit organizations must be sponsored by a governmental entity.

Eligible projects must fall into one or more of five (5) federally established eligibility cateories.  Thirty million dollars will be available for this application round.

Applications must be submitted to a NYSDOT Region on or by August 16, 2013. Awards will be announced by the end of the year.

This will be the last round of TEP, as the new surface transportation act, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21), ended the Transportation Enhancement Program as a standalone program.

For further information on funding, rules & requirements, the Guidebook for application preparation, a fillable application form, a list of NYSDOT Regional TEP Coordinators, and, when available, workshop schedules, check out NYDOT’s program page here.

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2 Responses to Transportation Enhancement funding available

  1. Gail Testa says:

    Under types of projects this would cover, you list “Provision of facilities for bicycles and pedestrians. What types of “facilities” do you mean? Would building and providing “trails” for hikers to enjoy fall under this category?

    • M. Daley says:


      This federal aid program is administered by NYSDOT and is designed to fund trails with a transportation component. The trails must also meed federal accessibility guidelines established but the Americans with Disabilities act. As such hiking trails don’t generally fit the program guidelines. The facilities I was referencing would include, but not be limited to, multiple use trails (generally rail trails, shared use paths, etc.) bike panes, sidewalks, sharrows..

      Read more at FHWA’s website:


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