Bike on Amtrak Trains? Yes, PLEASE!


Advocating that Amtrak add roll-on service is a top priority for Parks & Trails New York.

Amtrak serves Buffalo, Albany, and all the major cities along the Erie Canalway Trail but, despite the fact that bicycles are allowed on trains in other parts of the country, Amtrak prohibits bikes from being rolled onto the Albany to Buffalo Maple Leaf, Empire Service, and Lakeshore Limited trains. Furthermore, while bikes can be boxed and transported in the baggage car attached to the Lakeshore Limited, most stations along the Albany to Buffalo route do not have the capacity to handle baggage, essentially making this service unavailable to almost everyone.

Because of the growing popularity of the Canalway Trail as a bicycling destination and the higher income level of many touring cyclists, the lack of roll-on service between Buffalo and Albany is a lost opportunity for Amtrak and the restaurants, lodging and other businesses in upstate communities that serve these cyclists. The same lost opportunity holds true for Amtrak north-south routes in New York State through the Hudson Valley and Champlain Valley.

A new petition has been drafted to help spur progress on this issue. Click here dd your name.

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