Federal funding for trails, bicycling and walking threatened again

Earlier this week we told you about the Transportation Alternatives workshops happening across New York – workshops to help communities prepare funding applications for bike and pedestrian projects.

Well, we have some scary news coming out of Washington, and the timing could not be worse.

Yesterday, Senator Rand Paul (KY) introduced an amendment to the transportation appropriations bill that would strip all funding from the Transportation Alternatives Program!

Yes, that’s right, eliminate all funding for the Recreational Trails Program and community trails and bicycling and walking infrastructure that supports Safe Routes to Schools and active transportation.

Here we go again. Bike and pedestrian funding is under attack again despite the facts that projects funded by this program address our nation’s obesity epidemic, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and support main street economic development.  Sometimes folks just don’t get it. That’s why it’s up to YOU to contact congressional representatives and tell them Tell them to vote NO on Amendment 1742!

There isn’t much time, a vote could happen TODAY!

Thank you for your support of trails, biking and walking.

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