What does your commute look like?

Are you one of the countless folks across New York that commutes from the suburbs in the rat race that is rush hour? Are you tired of the white knuckle merging and frustrated by rubberneckers? You may not want to any any further.

The High Line, considered by many to be NYC’s sexiest new public place, is quickly becoming a sort of pedestrian super highway, catering to the needs of as many commuters as well as park-dwelling flâneurs. New Yorkers are finding that a trip along the elevated rail line turned urban oasis can save precious minutes off their commute – and many folks are cutting time the time otherwise waiting for lights and traffic by climbing up to the elevated High Line instead of walking on the streets below.

In a very peculiar way, the High Line’s use as a travel corridor mirrors Robert Moses’ vision of a network of elevated highways whisking New Yorkers around the region, bypassing the bustle and delays of the cities snarled traffic.

New York City has made great strides in developing a 21st century superhighway of sorts with the bike paths and separated bike lanes throughout the 5 boroughs that make up the City that Never Sleeps. Perhaps someday the rest of New York can follow suit, by developing a state-wide, interconnected multi-use trail superhighway.

Your commute could become significantly less frustrating.

Read more about the High Line commuters in this New York Times article.

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