What makes a successful community?

There are over 25,000 incorporated communities in America. How many of these are truly successful? How is it that some small towns and rust belt cities are prospering, while many others are suffering disinvestment, loss of identity, and even abandonment? Why are some communities able to maintain their historic character and quality of life in the face of a rapidly changing world, while others have lost the very features that once gave them distinction and appeal?  How can communities, both big and small, grow without losing their heart and soul?

The Citizen’s Institute on Rural Design will be hosting a conference call featuring nationally-renowned Ed McMahon of the Urban Land Institute. Ed will share the secrets of successful communities that he has gleaned over the course of decades working in towns across the country.

The call will take place on Thursday, August 22, 2013, 3-4 PM. Join by clicking here. Do you have a group of interested folks? Would you like $500 towards your project? Consider a listening party.

Read about the seven secrets of successful communities.

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