Collar City Pre(R)amble kicks off this Saturday

Calling all Capital Region history buffs and bike/ped advocates. The first annual Collar City Pre(R)amble kicks at noon, this Saturday September 28th, from The Troy Farmer’s Market, heading south 2 miles to the Burden Iron Works Museum and the Albany Bike Path, then north 4 miles to Freedom Square before continuing to the Corning Preserve. The event will conclude at the StoryHarvest Festival, with live music and free, fresh grown food, prizes for costumes or for decorated bikes.

The Collar City Ramble is a trail being designed and built, going through and around the Rensselaer County of Troy.  The Ramble is envisioned as a complete on and off road bicycle and pedestrian network, employing bike lanes, crosswalks, and off-road multi-use trails to connecting Troy‘s neighborhoods and beautiful vistas with cultural and recreational sites.

For more info, to volunteer, call or email Jim Lewis at (518) 429-3909.

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