Live, work, or play in Albany? What improvements to the waterfront and Corning Preserve Trail would you like to see?

Earlier this week we told you about two ribbon cuttings for significant trail bridges, one being the Black Bridge in the Albany County city of Cohoes.  It turns out there’s a lot going on in the Capital Region when it comes to waterfront revitalization and trails: Troy’s Collar City Ramble, the Watervliet Bicycle Master Plan, and the Rensselaer County Trail plan.

Not to be outdone, the City of Albany is developing the Corning Preserve Waterfront Park Plan that will identify specific short, mid and long-term plans for the revitalization of the Corning Preserve. These improvements may include bike, pedestrian, water-based, and vehicular transportation, park programming, connections to downtown and adjacent neighborhoods, and the provision of services. Parks & Trails New York is one of the stakeholders on the Corning Preserve Committee and submitted suggestions for how the City can improve the facility.

The City will host two meetings for public comments and suggestions to include in the Corning Preserve Waterfront Park Plan.  Both meetings will include a presentation and survey on possible park improvements with an opportunity to discuss park improvement ideas in detail.

Open House: Thursday, October 17th, 12 – 1pm  at the Capital Repertory Theater, 111 North Pearl Street .

Workshop: Saturday, October 19th, 10 – 12:30pm, at the Palace Theatre, 19 Clinton Avenue. A Corning Preserve walk starting at intersection of Broadway and Maiden Lane (start of footbridge to Corning Preserve/Jennings Landing) will be held immediately before the workshop, from 8:30-9:30am. 

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